For years we have built wood sheds,  barns, houses, and cabins. 

It seems like you could simply throw random materials together and call it a shed.  Believe us now days there are some that do and charge a lot. 

Below is an example of some cost cutting mistakes we see often in our competitors:

  • If you use  untreated floor joists you will stand the high probability of the floor giving out early.  You need to insist your  floor joists are treated.
  • The wrong nails used for treated wood will lead to the floors coming apart or nails rusting.   We use galvanized nails in our treated wood.
  • When a wall is built with non galvanized nails in the wood siding the nails will rust and cause the panel and paint to pop off exposing the interior.
  • Siding nails set at the incorrect depth can lead to the nail heads pulling through the panels after expansion or contraction.
  • Unapproved paint on the siding often will lead to paint failure from improper adhesion or lack of coverage needed on the siding.
Please be aware that many of the above mistakes can lead to holes, rotten wood, leaks, paint failure, unsightly appearance,  and worst of all content
damage to the very same stuff you bought a shed to protect.
We strive to follow the guidelines of the paint, wood, and fastener manufacturers.  We build ours to be long lasting.  By using approved products together we can supply you a building designed from materials that work together.
All of us at The Outback Barn care that you are buying a building to protect your valuables.  Let us exceed your expectations and help you protect your possession's and investment  with a high quality, great looking,  and affordably priced building from The Outback Barn.

 What's in your backyard?