Do we supply the blocks to level the building?
Yes/no. Blocks are provided for buildings sold from our Mena location. Blocks are not provided for purchases made from Lowes, or out of town vendors.


How much clearance do you need for delivery?
Atleast 2ft on each side of the structure, and up to 15ft high.


Do we move buildings?
Yes, if your structure is from The Outback Barn.


After purchase, when can I expect for my building to be delivered.
In-stock Inventory: 2-5 business days.
Custom built buildings: 4-6 weeks.


How do I custom order a building?
You can design it through our 3D Builder, or come see us here at the office! We can do that for you in house as well.


Can I purchase this over the phone?
Yes. Additional fees will apply.